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We are looking for a CREATIVE and COMPASSIONATE team of awesome people (19+ yrs) to build and play with kids this summer at our arts/engineering maker camp. We want artists, crafters, builders, engineers, creatives of all types, out of the box thinkers, and people who are kids at heart and willing to try new things! At MBC we believe that kids are whole people deserving of our time, respect, energy, and love. We are seeking a diverse team to create a special community experience for our campers this summer. It is important to note before applying, that we are a gender and LGBTQ+ affirming camp for both our staff and our campers, and looking for the perfect team to curate an incredible summer together, with respect to our beautifully diverse community!

Our positions are Full-Time and require an availability of Mon-Fri 7:30a-6p May 23rd -July 28th (you wont work all those hours in a day but need to be available for work in that time window). Must be able to pass a LEVEL 2 background check and attend all days of pre camp training.

Please Complete This Application Online
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