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MBC Teen Program!!  Ages 13-16

Our Teen program is for ages 13-16.  This group runs separately from the regular MBC program, with separate project builds that take several weeks to complete.  Utilizing several different elements of tech, as well as specialized materials and tools, they create an incredible project together while building friendships and learning many new skills. 

These Sessions are 3 weeks LONG!!  (if you can only attend a part of the camp, contact us for weekly rates)

Monday-Friday 9:30a-3:00p

$630/session (the full 3 weeks)

Ext Care Hours Available AM/PM - no charge

Session 1: JUNE 5th-JUNE 23rd - MBC Film Making

Film School 101 from conception to premiere!  Teens get to

take control in the writing, directing, acting and camera work to

create their very own indie film.  SEE LAST YEARS FILM! 


Session 2: June 26th-July 14th - ART & TEch Immersion Experience.

Campers will explore how art and tech collide in the coolest of ways, building a full immersion space that is interactive, tells a story, and fully envelops the viewers in the experience. Its mind bending art like never before! Combining wood building, fabric manipulation, painting, drawing, sculpture, with lights, sound, animation and projection, we will build the COOLEST art experience Gainesville has ever seen. SEE LAST YEAR'S BUILD


Session 3: July 17th -July 28th - RPG Build and Campaign.

Love DnD and role playing games or want to learn?  In this 2 week session our teen campers will co-create the most immersive fantasy role playing experience possible.  Led by an experienced Game Master, they will create characters, build miniature sets, create weaponry and costumes to get more into their story and jump into an imaginative adventure like none other.  Each camper will get the opportunity to create a miniature of their custom created character, as well as create their own set of custom dice.  Daily episodes of the campaign play time will be recorded and uploaded to our Youtube Channel. New and experienced players are welcome!  Everything you need will be provided.  

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