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Too old for camp but not quite ready for a summer job?  Dont want to sit around all summer being bored?  Like making weird stuff?  Interested in maybe becoming a counselor one day?  Come join us at Master Builder Camp's Teen LIT program.  The LIT program focuses on leadership skill-building and creating community through the element of imaginative play and creative exploration. 

What does all that mean?!  
It means while the rest of our summer camp is building a project for the weekly theme and end of week event, you are forming TEAM VILLAIN!  Getting a behind the scenes look at how we create the elaborate stories and adventures that go on at camp and helping to build and create the interactions/events/battles needed for the story from the point of view of the Villains.  You may play characters, construct costumes, build contraptions to battle against the camper teams, anything goes and you get to help design the ideas and make them happen. 
There will also be opportunities to practice new leadership skills and assist with camper groups.  
In addition to all that awesome stuff, teens will also get to participate in an RPG campaign (like Dungeons and Dragons!) together, forging new adventures and shenanigans in their story together. 
What would a typical day look like at LIT Camp?

9a-9:30a Settle In / Intro the day

9:30a-10a  Some Teambuilding fun! 

10a-11:30p Project Build

11:30-12:15p LUNCH BREAK/ Freetime

12:30p-1:45 RPG TIME!

1:45-2:45p HELP With Camper Groups

2:45-3p  Debrief Day and close out



This is primarily for ages 14-17.  Limited number of mature 13 year olds can be admitted on a case by case basis. (call Harmony @ 352-339-5102 to approve).  The sessions are scheduled as 2 week sessions. Single week signups are approved on case by case basis dependent on space availability. We only have 10 spots available for each session, and the group will have 2 designated counselor leaders supervising and leading their team experience. 


Teens day starts at 9a and ends at 3p, however, teens can be dropped off any time between 8a-9a and picked up anytime between 3p-5p as needed at no charge.  Teens that are with us during this extended care time will be either helping with the extended care camper groups or assisting staff with end-of day duties.  



Lunch and snacks can be brought from home or ordered each day through MBC.  We provide daily lunch through various local restaurants and those can be ordered in the morning at arrival.  Any charges for lunch/snacks will be charged to the CC on file from their registration fee. No cash is needed. All teens need a refillable water bottle.


We encourage teens to stay off their phones while at camp and engage with each other and the fun activities.  They are allowed to hav their phones and use them for communication with their family as needed as long as it doesn't pose a distraction for them away from the group or the activities.  They are allowed to use their phones/tablets for other uses during designated free time only. 

As this is a leadership program, teens are expected to be examples and role models at camp at all times, following the same rules and expectations of our staff at camp. Our camp rules are Kindness, Respect, and Teamwork and we all hold to these guidelines. This includes following our camp culture of Kindness, Respect, and Teamwork, no use of phones during camp time (other than for family communication) except during designated breaks, no use of inappropriate language, or flirting, and a willingness to learn and participate with their team in positive ways. Our teen group is viewed as role models for our younger kids and will be expected to act professionally while at camp. 

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