UPDATED 10/14/20 - (2020 Covid-19 Protocol Document Available Here)




Hi Master Builder Families,

It is Fall Season now and I hope that you are all doing well settling into your new school routines!  I know my kids miss camp and their buddies so much and have been struggling with this new normal of separation from their friends at school.  Kids need camp now more than ever.  COVID-19 has disrupted their lives on such a massive scale and introduced new anxieties and stressors to which they have had to adjust.  Master Builder Camp was built to provide a structured, nurturing environment for kids, that stimulates their curiosity, builds perseverance, fosters positive connection with peers, and encourages leadership skills.  I know that kids need camp this year, and I am doing everything I can to ensure that MBC is a safe and healthy environment for them at any point during the year.  


Below I have listed some of the biggest changes we have put into place this year in response to the pandemic.  For a more detailed understanding of our full procedures, please see the above linked document.  Feel free to call/email me with any questions you have about our plans/procedures for camp.  We had a successful summer and believe that we have all the tools and systems in place to continue running a safe and fun program for our creative kiddos.

Sincerely, Harmony


We will be running camp under our outlined COVID-19 response protocols under further notice. We may relax some protocols in the future depending on the state of the pandemic and governmental mandates at that time.    



We are capping our camper max capacity by half.  Groups of campers will be 10-15 (depending on current mandates) and all persons (Staff/Camper/Visitors) will be using masks anytime they are inside, or when within 6 feet of each other outside.    Check In and Out will happen outside in the courtyard area, with families waiting to check in spacing themselves out every 6 feet.  All camper groups will have their own entrance to their assigned group room and dedicated staff that stay with their group.  Campers will wash hands/use sanitizer outside upon arrival, have temps checked, and parents will drop off outside the door.  To pick up, families will come to courtyard and a masked MBC staff will walkie for their camper to be sent out.    Camper groups will not mix for the duration of the regular camp day. 


We will be ramping up our typical sanitization protocols increasing staff and camper hand washing as well as sanitizing frequently touched surfaces throughout the day.  Dedicated cleaning staff will wipe down all frequently touched surfaces each hour including bathrooms.  Toys/materials will not be shared across groups unless they have been properly sanitized in between (including LEGOS.  We are using child/food safe cleaners listed by EPA as approved for sanitization against COVID viruses. We will also be working with our campers to use safe coughing/sneezing procedures, educate them on how to decrease possibility of transmission between them in a positive/team building manner.  Campers/Staff will wash hands/sanitize at every transition (including using bathroom), with a goal of 1x per hour throughout the day. 


Tools and materials will be preassigned to reduce sharing and sanitized in between users.  We will also be doing our regular Free Play time as a rotation of materials each day within the campers group room (COLORED LEGO BOXES/BLUE BLOCKS/RACETRACK/KEVA ETC) to allow sanitization between groups. We will only be using our large main camp room for our Early Drop off and Late Pick Up Campers to give them space to spread out and use materials/activities that would encourage them to work/play in small groups or solo.


At check in, all camper families will do a quick health prescreening with their campers counselor at morning drop off, including a few quick questions and a temperature check.  Staff will also do the same medical check at their arrival time.  MBC staff will also have each staff member tested for COVID as frequently as possible throughout the summer, with the goal being bi-weekly. Any camper/staff with any symptoms of of illness will not be able to stay at camp.  Parents must pick up any camper that is not feeling well during the day as soon as possible, regardless of the symptoms.  We will be airing on side of caution this year, so things like unexplained exhaustion/tummy aches/headaches/digestion issues are reasons to go home and rest and monitor for further symptoms.  Any camper that losing camp time due to illness will receive a prorated credit to their account for the time missed.  We want to support our families and keep our camp healthy.  

Thank you for your support in this change.

I will update this page as we receive more information from the governing agencies in regard to COVID-19's impact for our camp this summer.  Please contact me with any questions you have and let me know how I can help you make the best decision for your child's summer experience.    

SINCERELY, Harmony Lenasbunt  


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