Master Builder Maker School

In-School Field Trips & Workshops

What it Is

Our Maker School classes give kids space to design, build, and create, all while engaged in play!   We provide meaningful hands-on learning experiences within the concepts of science, design, engineering, robotics, electronics, hand building and the arts!  

Our Maker Space is open for after school adventures M-F with each day focusing on a particular building medium/skill/or project type for each series.  

How It Works
Choose the number of days you want your child to attend MBMC for a particular week, and pay for only those days.  Kids can be dropped off starting at 1:30p and must be picked up before 5:30p.  Extended care and transportation provided through a partner program (email for details)
We have 3 Building Zones open at all times in our Maker School, so that kids can participate, be challenged, and engage at the level they need for that day.  These are:
                  - A Free Play Building Systems Area
                     - An Independent Project Maker Space
                     - A Structured Project* Class (See Themes Below)
                        *project details posted on our Calendar Page
Mondays - Electronics & Robotics (Sphero® & littlebits®)
Tuesdays - LEGO® Master Building 
Wednesdays - Adventures In Cardboard & Wood
Thursdays - Stop Motion Film Making (with LEGO®)
Fridays - Build a Fort Friday!  
If you are interested in our upcoming After School program, please email us to be added to the list.

Free build






Friday fort